Mental health and Performance Management program

Target audience/who should attend: 

 This program is best suited for managers and leaders at all levels within a program.


Leading and supervising any person who suffers from a Mental Illness or Mental Health Challenges can be a difficult process. It is highly likely that a leaders will have to deal with this numerous times during their career.

The statistics tell us that 1 in five (20%) of people in our community suffer from some sort of Mental Health Challenge or illness in any given year.

Individuals may join an organisation already suffering from a mental illness or challenge or they may develop either of these whilst a member of your organisation. Most people successfully manage these challenges without it impacting on productivity and work performance. 

Some individuals, however, require a higher level of support for a short period of time, whilst a minority will require ongoing workplace strategies and potentially a performance management program.

We sometimes presume that an employee’s mental health challenges develop outside of the workplace. An ‘unhealthy’ work environment or a workplace incident can cause exacerbate, or contribute, to the development of mental illness.

The purpose of this program is to lift the capability of participants to identify and manage workplace metal health issues with their team members.

Part of this program also reviews the performance management framework in Australia and New Zealand and how it applies to the issue of Mental Health in the workplace.

What do participants get out of this program?

Identify the potential impact of mental health issues in the workplace and the subsequent impact on performance.

  • Identify potential warning signs that an employee may be suffering from a mental health challenge or illness.
  • Develop greater understanding of how leaders can help individuals and teams manage mental health problems in the workplace.
  • Identify the key principles in a performance management process.
  • Develop a greater understanding of associated legal issues and risks.
  • Identify the relevant process for managing actual or emerging performance issues.

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Course duration and price:

Course DescriptionMin # Of ParticipantsMinimum Cost Per ParticipantDuration
Workplace Mental Health First Aid10$POA2 Days
Mental Health Briefing – Senior Executives N/A$POA2 - 3 Hours
Mental health First Aid refresher program12$POA1 Day

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