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Critical Factors is focused on creating and sustaining
Mentally Healthy High Performance
Workplaces and Communities. We do this through a relentless focus on People, Culture and

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Critical Factors has a simple but effective philosophy. Success for any organisation or
community is the by product of it’s people. People, through leadership and frontline activities,
create culture. Performance is the outcome created by people operating within a certain

Any group can perform at a high level for short periods of time. Long term, sustainable outperformance is always about creating culture that is mentally healthy. A supportive and people focused performance culture will result in longer value creation. This is true in large corporates, Government, Not for Profit and Community Organisations.

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Critical Factors - People

People are the most expensive and the most critical part of any organisation. Without good people who are engaged and motivated organisations are limiting their potential.

Critical Factors provides advice and implementation strategies in the following key areas linked to people.

– Psychometrics

– Engagement and employee satisfaction tools and measurement

– Leadership and management training and coaching
– Capability and training services

– Organisational reviews and investigations

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Culture is entirely a result of the people that make up a community, regardless of the nature of that community. Put simply, the Critical Factors view is that a healthy and positive culture that has clear expectations around both behaviour and performance is the only way to generate sustainable out performance.

Culture is either random or created.

A random culture is simply the by product of a range of decisions by leaders over time. It is not deliberate or planned and can be either positive or negative. 

 The reality is that even when organisation decide on the culture they want to have the outcome is still a random product as culture requires consistent and simple plans, actions and reinforcement over time. 

 A new culture every 2-3 years when the boss changes is a recipe for a random culture.

Critical Factors provides advice and implementation strategies in the following key areas linked to culture.

– Organisational culture assessments and reviews

– Culture Investigations and recommendations

– Organisational culture strategy and implementation

– Leadership and management training and coaching linked to cultural change

Critical Factors - Culture


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How We Impact


Critical Factors has a straightforward view on high performance. High performance needs to be:


To be sustainable out performance MUST include a clear focus on:

– The incredible potential of people, and
– physical and psychologic safety.

To be blunt, it is easy to push your people to work harder and faster, and even easier to focus of profit over customers and quality. Sustainable long-term performance, however, is always accompanied by a people centric culture that includes a mentally health workplace.

High performance must be driven by having the right people, in the right roles, supported by the right tools and led by the right people.

If organisations get their People strategy right, grow the appropriate culture and measure the right things then performance improves. Critical factors see the development of high performance organisations as the result of clear People and cultural strategies.

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