People are the most expensive and the most critical part of any organisation. Without good people who are engaged and motivated organisations are limiting their potential.

We are all about creating mentally healthy, high performing workplaces. There is no need for this to be a binary equation, it should not be mentally healthy on one hand and high performing on the other, you can have both and that is what we are all about.

At the end of the day your people create both your organisation’s culture and performance, that is why there is such a critically important component of creating a mentally healthy, high performance organization.

Without healthy, engaged and motivated people an organisation will wither and die on the vine. We can’t overstate this. Success as an organisation is through the work of its people. They are their greatest asset so we need to treat them with the same care and respect as they do their customers.

We work with you to develop plans in the following 5 key areas:

– Leadership
– Team engagement and pulse check
– Capability
– Mental health awareness and first aid

People are the most expensive and the most critical part of any organisation.
Tim Kitching
Critical Factors Founder

Our research has identified these 5 areas are key areas of focus in almost all organisations that experience long term sustainable success.

We started assessing them to understand a clear picture of how you are right now, then we work with you to decide next steps. Everything we do, if it be at an organisational, team or individual level is measured and benchmarked to build a plan to deliver on these 5 areas. The link between these and creating a deliberate healthy culture is clear.

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