Teamwide 5 Disciplines Assessment

The survey takes under 15 minutes to complete. Responses are compiled into one teamwide or organizational wide performance report.

Responses are segmentable by gender, tenure, role and level of customer interaction

There are 50 questions in the 5DA. 10 for each of the Disciplines.

Ratings consist of Absolutely, Mostly, Sometimes, Rarely, Never and I Don’t Know.

The 5DA report features multiple analysis on teamwide or organization wide performance.

  • Gender – Male, Female or Other
  • Tenure – Less than 1 Year, 1 to 5 Years, 6 to 10 Years, or Greater than 10 Years
  • Level of Customer Interaction – Direct or Indirect
  • Role – Management or Non-Management 

The 5DA report features multiple analysis on company-wide performance.

  • See Overall scores by Discipline, summary of responses by question, summary by Discipline and gender
  • Performance Strength & Concerns – Strengths & Concerns – highlights positive (above 80%) and negative (below 80%) statement ideal responses.

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