Negotiation skills

Learn How to better your Skills and Get Better Results

Target Audience / who should attend:

All members of an organisation can benefit from this program. Managers, leaders and all sales team members should undergo negotiation training.


We all negotiate every day. Negotiation is a process used to reach a compromise or an agreement without heated arguments or disputes. The reality is that negotiation is a process, and this process can be learnt.

Traditional negotiation training results in a Win/Lose mentality whereas modern negotiation training focusses on creating a Win/Win for all parties.

What does a generic negotiation program look like.

Generally our programs work through a Prepare/Plan/Negotiate methodology. Typically our programs cover the following:


  • Setting clear objectives.
  • Evaluating fallback positions.
  • What will you compromise on and what are non-negotiables
  • Outcome possibilities
  • What will your trade-offs cost
  • War gaming possible scenarios


  • Evaluating each parties position and potential outcomes.
  • The use of leverage and quid pro quo.
  • Common ground, long and short term planning and thinking


  • BATNA & ZOPA Models of negotiation.
  • Influencing and bargaining
  • Maintaining a ‘can do’ conversation and outcome focussed conversation
  • Staying above the line

Course duration and price:

Course DescriptionMin # Of ParticipantsMinimum Cost Per ParticipantDuration
Negotiation skills for team members12$275.002 Hours
Negotiation skills for Supervisors12$275.002 Hours
Negotiation skills for managers and leaders (including psychometric assessment)12$475.001 Day
Negotiation skills for sales and key account management (including psychometric assessment)12$475.001 Day
Advanced negotiation skills (must have completed one of the above 1 day programs)12$475.001 Day

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