DHB (Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying) Programs

Target audience/who should attend: 

 All members of an organisation can benefit from this program. Managers, leaders and Senior Executives should definitely complete this program.


There is no doubt that a significant part of creating a Mentally Healthy High Performance Culture involves creating a workplace culture that is free from Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Bullying.

Our programs are designed to lift understanding and capability in the following areas:

  • Define bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and discrimination
  • Understand the impact these things have on a victim, bystanders and the organisation
  • Explain the concept of reasonable management action and the link to Bullying and Discrimination.
  • Clarify the line between being at work and not and where the grey area is. This includes the use of social media.
  • Gain clarity on the responsibilities of employees, contractors, supervisors, managers and the organisation. this includes the potential consequences of unacceptable workplace behaviour
  • Ensure that all participants are clear on what to do if they believe they have experienced or witnessed unacceptable workplace behaviour and the procedure for resolving complaints
  • Explore the role of active bystanders if unacceptable behaviour is witnessed in the workplace.

Course duration and price:

Course DescriptionMin # Of ParticipantsMinimum Cost Per ParticipantDuration
DHB Awareness (All Staff)12$175.001 Hour
DHB for Team Members12$POA1 and 1/2 Hours
DHB for Managers and Supervisors12$POA2 Hours
DHB for Senior Executives12$POA2 Hours

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