Communication skills

Target audience/who should attend: 

 All members of an organisation can benefit from this program.


A key theme in every organisation with a performance or cultural challenge is poor internal and external communication. This program focuses on the key elements of successful communication and how we can improve our communication at both an individual and organisation level. 

We focus on recognising and developing various communication techniques and skills. Focus is placed on developing effective communication patterns, questioning and listening skills.

Key program Outcomes:

Define effective communication.

  • Identify key barriers to communication.
  • Reflect on the role of perception in communication.
  • Effective listening.
  • Effective questioning.
  • Recognising non-verbal language.
  • Identify and apply assertiveness techniques.

Course duration and price:

Course DescriptionMin # Of ParticipantsMinimum Cost Per ParticipantDuration
Communication skills for team members12$375.001/2 Day
Communication skills for managers and leaders12$375.001/2 Day
Communication skills for executives12$395.001/2 Day

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