The Profile Sales Assessment® (PSA)

Taking the guesswork out of recruiting Sales people!

Finding quality sales professionals is very difficult.  Of all of the roles within most organisations hat are the most challenging to fill with appropriate candidates these are the hardest.  Many sales people can talk the talk but hen when they arrive in your business they don’t walk that same talk.

The Profiles Sales Assessment (PSA) is the best tool on the market for analysing the skills and behaviours of potential members of your sales teams.  It provides objective and evidence based data on both character traits and skill sets the enable accurate and valid predications o be made around an individuals potential in a sales role.  Non sales roles have their own assessment called the ProfilesXT (PXT) 

What does the PSA evaluate?

This assessment provides consistent, in depth and objective insights into the following individual qualities:

– Thinking style

– Reasoning style

– Relevant behavioural traits

– Occupational interests.

We then work with you to match the right people to specific roles in your organisation.

What sort of Return on Investment (ROI) can I expect?

The Psa is the Sales specific partner of the PXT Assessment and as such has the same ROI data.  

– The average ROI was more than 250%, for each $1.00 invested in profiles the return was $26.30

– Early failure rates in recruitment and new to role employees fell by 46%

– Turnover in teams fell by 71%

– Successful recruitment increased by 300%

What does a successful Profile Sales Assessment Program Implementation look like?

The creation of an effective recruitment and selection program (whether internal or external) is critical to driving success within any successful organisation. Profile Sales Assessment (PSA) Job Profiling is based on your organisation, your culture and what it takes to be successful in your organisation…

– Working with us to develop a role profile for your Team is the first step to future, sustainable revenue growth. It usually includes:

– Having your Top 6 – 10 performers complete the PSA

– Having your bottom 3-4 performers complete the PSA

– Building specific role profiles for your organisation

– Measuring potential and existing employees against your specific role profile

– Creating specific interview guides for roles that you need to recruit for based on the individual candidate, not a one size fits all approach

– Creating specific coaching programs for existing members of your team

– Review of recruitment adverts and selection processes

– Review of first cull processes based on Job Match Sales Profiles

– Training of Leaders in the interview techniques

– Comparison of your current sales team to the role profile

We have access to literally hundreds of data based role profiles if you have a small team or are looking to build a team that is entirely different from your current one.

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