We are all about creating mentally healthy, high performing workplaces. There is no need for this to be a binary equation, it should not be mentally healthy on one hand and high performing on the other, you can have both and that is what we are all about. 

Critical Factors has a straightforward view on high performance. High performance needs to be:


To be sustainable out performance MUST include a clear focus on:

– The incredible potential of people, and
– Physical and psychological safety.

To be blunt, it is easy to push your people to work harder and faster, and even easier to focus on profit over customers and quality. Sustainable long-term performance, however, is always accompanied by a people centric culture that includes a mentally healthy workplace.

We focus on performance because ultimately performance as an organisation or an individual is an outcome of culture, mindset and capability.
Tim Kitching
Critical Factors Founder

High performance must be driven by having the right people, in the right roles, supported by the right tools and led by the right people.

If organisations get their People strategy right, grow the appropriate culture and measure the right things then performance improves. Critical factors see the development of high performance organisations as the result of clear People and cultural strategies.

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