Kids DISC Assessment

Designed for KIDS, PARENTS, TEACHERS, and more!

 ✔  Created especially for kids, using language that they understand.

 ✔  Customized communication strategies for children based on their bird style.

 ✔  Three report sections provide helpful information for the child and the adults in              their lives.

 ✔  Gain a deeper understanding of a child’s behavior.

A comprehensive report with actionable items for everyone.

The Kids DISC report is customized based on each child’s assessment results. In addition to information about the child’s style, they also receive tips for identifying and interacting with the other styles at school, in sports and activities, and with family and friends.

Gain immediate insights.

The Kids DISC assessment is an opportunity for children to learn more about themselves! Inside the report, kids, and the adults around them, will discover
how special and unique they are. Each child’s bird style is their superpower, and the Kids DISC assessment by Assessments 24×7 helps them be the best that they can be.

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