The first step to creating a Mentally Healthy High Performance organisation is Culture. To create a culture that supports your goals as an organisation requires you to know what sort of culture you want before you can start to create it.

The challenge most organisation have is that their cultures have just developed. There was no plan around the type of culture that they want.

We work with you and help you decide on the type of type of culture that you want, one that drives performance and health at the same time. We do this by drawing on our experience is working with other organisations as they have managed their cultural journeys.

Then you’ll need to measure what you currently have. Before any change program can begin we need to know where we currently are. To avoid this step is a little like starting a journey on the maps app on your phone with knowing where you are. You are vey unlikely to arrive at your destination. Don’t be fooled, you will have a culture and it will have aspects that you won’t like.

The secret to cultural assessment is 'DON’T DRINK THE CORPORATE CORDIAL!'
Tim Kitching
Critical Factors Founder

Just because you have convinced yourself or others that you have a particular culture does not mean that it exists. Culture assessments are meant to benchmark where you are right now so you can start to make deliberate changes going forward.

Everything we do at Critical Factors, whether it be at an organisational, team or individual level is measured and benchmarked we can help you build a plan to create the sort of culture that supports healthy high performance.

Much of this focusses on your people, because ultimately they drive and create both your culture and your success.

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