Executive Coaching Programs

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Executive Coaching Programs

Our approach to coaching is pretty straightforward. We are interested in getting a clear picture of where you are right now, then where you want to go and our job is to help you get there. We use a range of measurement tools to make sure that you are clear on your progress and are getting the value for your time investment.

Who does our coaching?

All our coaches are Internationally certified coaches with a minimum accreditation of Associate Certified Coach (ACC) withe he International Coaching Federation. Most of our coaches, however, are more experienced having achieved the Professional Certified Coach Level (PCC).

Professional Certified Coach
Coaches are experienced in senior roles in industry and/or government across Australasian and South East Asia and this means that they are truly qualified to take our coaching clients to the next level.

Professional Certified Coach

What do out Executive Coaching Programs look like?

Option 1

Introduction to Coaching
  • Initial meeting with your leader and you
  • 6x 60-90 minute coaching sessions
  • Relevant psychometric assessment
  • Email support over the period of the engagement
  • 8-10 week program duration

Option 2

Ongoing coaching block
  • Initial meeting with your leader and you
  • 8x 60-80 minute coaches sessions
  • Psychometric or 360 degree assessments as required or requested
  • 16-18 week program duration

Option 3

Retained Coaching Assignment
  • 2 coaching sessions a month
  • Email and phone contact and support as required
  • Psychometric, 360 and 180 degree reviews and assessments as required
  • Minimum 6 month engagement
We are able to tailor a bespoke Executive Coaching program for you and your team as required. We often design programs around Leadership team Development programs or specific issues or challenges within your business or organisation. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

What do our Executive Coaching Clients Say?

‘Tim is a remarkable coach who could almost be called the velvet fist! He uses his quiet voice and measured approach to ask question that sometime hit you right between the eyes. I highly recommend Tim as the consummate Executive Coaching professional.’

David, Director, Consumer Division

‘Coaching with this team was exceptional. Helped me realise what I had been blind to and what was actually really important in just 6 conversations….amazing stuff.”

Vice President, State Street

‘As past Managing Director & CEO of large and listed business, and now founder of a startup, it is clear to me that Tim Kitching is the most impressive business coach in Australia that I’ve ever worked with. ‘

Robin, ZEEP Medical

How do I get started?


Reach out to us using this link with your details so we can arrange a call and make sure there is a good fit between your needs and one of our coaches.


Complete the initial coaching survey and any psychometric assessments that we send to you before your first meeting with your coach.


Attend your first coaching sessions with lots of energy and an open mind and let us guide you through the rest!


Most frequent questions and answers
A with all things the mindset of someone who is being coached is critical to the level of success they experience. When a coaching client acknowledges their current reality and is prepared to focus on change and growth then real change can occur.
Coaching differs from mentoring in three key ways. Coaching is about an individual working with a coach to bring about change within themselves whilst mentoring is about a relationship between a mentor and a mentee that is valuable to both. Coaches bring individual focus, and mentors bring a network focus. Generally the work of a coach is relatively short-term whilst mentoring can have a much longer term focus.
The answer to this is many varied. The bottom line is that coaches are often at their most effective during periods of change or challenge. Commencing a new role or project is often a trigger for a coaching engagement, as is feedback from peers or a leader that is particularly challenging to hear. Sometimes it is just about an individual pushing themselves to reach the next level for themselves.
This question is impossible to answer. There are just too many coaches and coaching models out there to give a simple answer to this question. As a guide most coaches create coaching programs over periods of time with an up-front or a retainer payment system. As a very general guide, a coaching program over 3 months with fortnightly meetings and some form of psychometrics or 360 review included will usually start at $5000 and go up from there depending on the skills and experience of the coach involved.
Most coaching assignments last several months to six months. There will be regular meetings between coach and client, and many coaches involve managers and other stakeholders in the process. Coaching to improve a technical skill might be of a shorter duration than coaching aimed at leadership development for example.

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