Team Coaching Programs

Our approach to all coaching is pretty straightforward, and Team Coaching is no different. We are interested in getting a clear picture of where your team is at right now, then we establish where you want the team to be and when. Our job is then to work with you and your team to help you get there.

We use a range of measurement tools to help with this and to ensure we are making progress and that together we are delivering the expected Return on Investment (ROI).

What do our Executive Coaching Programs look like?

The potential scores range from 8 to 189. The higher the score the more an individual prefers to think in a particular quadrant.

The numbers simply represent a person’s preference in a particular area. It is important to stress , however, that everyone can think in all 4 quadrants. It is about preference. Tim thinks yellow (score of 104), which means that he can be pretty high level most of the time, often happy to make decisions in a conceptual framework rather than based entirely in facts and data!

What do our Executive Coaching Programs look like?

Discover– we ensure we understand you and your specific needs prior to recommending any changes or solutions Design – We work with you to design and implement solutions Implement– our implementation plans always revolve around the capability of your people as all change is intimately centred on people Review– We constantly review our progress with you to ensure we are delivering the results we promise.

We focus on a collaborative approach to maximise the results we achieve with all of our engagements. The key to this methodology is that we work with you to design a team coaching solution.

Timothy Kitching
Team Coaching Structure

We are able to tailor a bespoke Team Coaching program for you and your team as required. We often design programs around broader strategic imperatives or specific issues or challenges within your business or organisation. Many of our programs involve psychometric assessments and programs such as the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI), DISC Profiling and the Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team Program.

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